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1. Alinco Model DR-135, DR-235, or DR-435: Choose the model based on the band you want to use. 2. RIM-Alinco: This is what is called a URI, USB-Radio-Interface. They are available from N3XCC for $50 on repeater-builder.com. Just Google “RIM-Alinco” and the first hit will take you straight to the page on repeater-builder.com. 3. - eHam.net is a Web site dedicated to ham radio (amateur radio).

DIXIE AMATEUR RADIO CLUB REPEAREPEATER TER 2 DR-435 $580 DR-435 $290 Duplexer $1700* Power Supply 7A $70* Duplexer $1700* Coax $50* Total $4100 Link Ant(s) $180* Hardline $250* Coax $100* Coax $100* Total $4960 Total $4810. Dixie Amateur Radio Club Repeater System Your Your DUESDUES and and DONATIONSDONATIONS Made This Possible. Note that the MaxTrac / Radius / GM300 radios have a 10% transmit duty cycle and that translates to 10 seconds of transmit and 90 seconds of receive, or 30 seconds of transmit and 4.5 minutes of receive. This is definitely not repeater service or any kind of amateur radio service that I'm familiar with!

November 13, 2010 - A birthday greeting from the Polk County Amateur Radio Association was extended to Chuck WD9GWG, a founding member of the organization at the November club meeting. A large sheet cake complete with Chuck's call sign and a "radio" were part of the cake decoration. When plugging the connector into the radio's accessory socket, the odd-numbered pins will be closer to the bottom of the radio; if you get the Cable73 on eBay, there's a plastic latch that faces down. Pins 15 & 16 are closer to the edge of the radio, 1 & 2 closer to the center of the radio.

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Here is two columns - ZIP (left column - bmp, tif, gif, jpg etc. inside) and DjVu (right column). Updated 23.11.2014. A D-Star hotspot allows you to use your existing D-star handheld radio (or mobile) and allow you to use your radio at home as a gateway to the D-star network instead of requiring a repeater, which is a much more complicated setup and far more expensive.