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c gilson lingerie - Carine Gilson: Ligne Soie V-Neck Chemise | Nancy Meyer

Enter the Carine Gilson universe and discover the latest creations: Fashion, Lingerie, Bridal, Accessories. Indulge in the finest luxury lingerie from couture designer Carine Gilson with the Ligne Soie Short V Chemise. This lavish chemise is crafted in the finest silk satin with hand-crafted Chantilly lace details along the V-neckline and hem.Brand: Carine Gilson.

Carine Gilson. Carine Gilson launched her Parisian haute couture lingerie label nearly two decades ago to instant industry acclaim. Specializing in luxurious underpinnings and beachwear with a coquettish twist, pieces are beautifully crafted from sumptuous Lyon silk and Chantilly lace and hand-stitched in the designer's Brussels workshop. The idea of lingerie couture was born out of Gilson's consideration of lingerie as a luxury to be treasured. She selects the finest Lyon silk and the airiest Chantilly lace in a bold range of colors. The most thoughtful cuts are then made as expert seamstresses shape unique creations by hand in the manner of haute couture in the Brussels.

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