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Oct 16, 2015 · In September of 2002, Brooke was diagnosed with breast cancer. He originally assumed that the pain he was feeling, just under his right nipple, was a Author: Brian Vanhooker. May 03, 2012 · Doctor Oz: Montel Williams Breast Cancer. We tend to think of Breast Cancer as a disease that only affects women. Though a majority of patients are women, it is also a health risk for many men. Former Price Is Right announcer Rod Roddy is one example of a high profile male breast cancer death. And Montel Williams is also a breast cancer survivor, in addition to his other health .

Montel's Breast Cancer Scare. A lump located in his chest turned out to be benign, not cancerous. Williams, now 42, told the New York Daily News that he incurred "moderate scarring" by going under the knife. His nipples were not removed and he did not require reconstructive surgery, he said.Author: Joal Ryan. Montel Williams Thought He Had Male Breast Cancer When He Was 19. When Montel Williams was in the Marines back in ’74 he was thin and scrawny. Montel started lifting weights and in the process tore a pectoral muscle. The muscle tear caused it to swell. So much in fact that his doctors thought he may have male breast cancer.

Montel Williams visits the Dr Oz to discuss his emotional eating and his struggle with depression. Plus, the mixup between Male Breast Cancer and Gynecomastia. In an emotional segment Williams teared up as he described to Oz how he underwent an unnecessary double mastectomy at the age of 19, the result of a torn pectoralis muscle that was misdiagnosed as male breast cancer. As a result, Williams says he now suffers from emotional eating, a habit that experts say may function as a precursor to eating disorders.