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A delicious recipe for Pain in the Ass, with Midori® melon liqueur, Bacardi® 151 rum, Malibu® coconut rum, DeKuyper® Sour Apple Pucker schnapps, pineapple juice and 7-Up® soda. Also lists similar drink 4.8/5(44). Another popular Frozen Drink is called “Pain In The Ass”, you get that by mixing equal parts of our Pina Colada and Rum Runner Frozen Drink Mixes the name leaves a lot to be desired but it sure tastes great! If you are a wine lover, be sure to try our Frozen Sangrias.

Photo of Coconuts On The Beach - "Pain in the ass frozen drink" - Cocoa Beach, FL. Mar 17, 2012 · Pain in the Ass is a recipe brought to you by the Mixologists at Find bar supplies information and even bartenders. Thousands of recipies from alcoholic drinks, to non-alcoholic drinks. Our cocktail recipes are easy to read strait forward and to the point.

How to prepare Pain in the Ass cocktail. Pour Midori melon liqueur, Bacardi 151, Sour Apple Pucker, and Malibu Rum into a highball glass. Top off with pineapple juice and 7-Up, stir and serve. Frozen Pain In The Ass | Rum Runner and Pina Colada. These are so good. Visit. Discover ideas about Poker Night. Frozen Pain In The Ass Rum Runner and Pina Colada. Poker Night Cocktail Drinks Alcoholic Drinks How to make a Miami this drink. We drank these on honeymoon in Mexico.

Pain in the Ass Passion Peach Dream Martini Peach Tart #2 Perfect Margarita Pernod Curacao Frappe Pink Flamingo Pink Panty Pull Down Pink Pussy #2 Pink Squirrel Pisco Sour (Peruvian Style) Pomada Porn Star #2 Presbyterian Purple Motherfucker Raspberries N Creme Raztini Red Bull double Red Hot Slut Red White and Blue Redheaded Slut#6 Rob Roy. Pain in the ass with Barcardi 151 floater: half pina colada, half rum runner or strawberry daq, add 151 floater upside down and pull out before drinking.

Pain In The Ass drink recipe made with Lemon Lime Soda,Apple Schnapps,Melon liqueur,Pineapple Juice,Rum,Rum,. How to make a Pain In The Ass with all the instructions and ingredients. Get your Ocean City MD Favorite drinks while on the bay like an orange crush, rum runner or dirty banana. Drink Menu. Beers & Wine; Domestics. Cans: Miller Lite, Coors Light, Bud Light, Budweiser, Natural Light, Michelob Ultra, Yuengling Pain in de Ass. Multiple layers of frozen rum runner and pina colada. It’s the House Specialty!