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How to Make Homemade Adult Diapers. When you place smooth, highly absorbent microfiber or fleece fabric on the inside of the diaper, where it will be next to the skin, your homemade cloth diapers will be more comfortable than paper ones. They're also kinder to . Making your own simple cloth adult diapers can alleviate the worry. Find a disposable diaper that fits well. Select the open type as opposed to the underwear shaped diapers. Lay the disposable diaper on your cardboard. Measure 1-inch out from the edge and mark the spot on your cardboard.

Our adult cloth diapers are among the highest quality adult cloth diapers in the world. We have thousands of satisfied customers using our adult cloth diapers and plastic pants. We strongly believe that if you try our adult cloth diapers that you will find out why so many other customers love our adult cloth diapers. Jul 03, 2009 · Now pull them both by the handles as high as you want a diaper to go, and bend the bag over and tie the plastic handles togthether in the front (depending on your waist size) you may have to use a twisty tie or a string.

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