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Help for Adults with Aspergers. As I am sure you know this website is exclusively for parents of children with Aspergers. However I know for a fact that many of the parents who contact me for help have children in their late teens and twenties. My adult son with Asperger’s tells me he doesn’t like people. People have ruined the planet. He has been hurt by two people he was close to. One was his best friend of 10 years from college who betrayed him and the other was a girl he was in a relationship with .

Adult Asperger Assessment. It is extremely uncommon for an adult with Asperger Syndrome to exhibit all of the traits of the disorder simultaneously. Many experiences just a few and in any combination. This can often lead to initial misdiagnoses and a longer treatment period until the correct diagnosis of Asperger's has been confirmed.Author: Tiffany Bailey. As the awareness of Asperger's syndrome increases, more people are seeking a diagnosis in the adult stage of life. In most countries, there is a severe lack of support services for children on the autism spectrum, and there are even less supports for adults with Asperger's syndrome.

To start with, while an adult in your life may, in fact, be diagnosable with high functioning autism (Asperger syndrome), it's not absolutely necessary to do anything at all. Autism is not a progressive disorder (it doesn't get worse over time), so doing nothing will not necessarily make matters worse. If you are an adult applying for Social Security disability based on Asperger’s Syndrome (or are representing an adult applying for benefits), your claim will be judged based on the guidelines laid out in the SSA’s Blue Book, under Section 12.10, which deals with autistic disorder and other pervasive developmental disorders.