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Adult Pre-Bronze Moves in the Field Test 1. Forward perimeter stroking The skater will perform four to eight straight strokes depending on the length of the ice and the strength of the skater, with crossovers around the ends, using the full ice surface and for one full lap of the rink (in both directions). Introductory steps are optional. 7 rows · Adult PreBronze Test Elements PBF - Adult Pre-Bronze Freestyle Test.

adult skaters to learn the fundamentals of free skating. No great deal of technical ability, carriage or flow is expected. The candidate must show knowledge of the elements, fairly good edges and some evidence of good form. ADULT PRE-BRONZE (PBF) Candidate’s Name Member # . Figure Skating Dance Tests Pre Bronze Dance and Solo Pre Bronze The purpose of this test is to encourage beginning dancers to learn the fundamentals of ice dancing.

• The deduction for every fall for adult prebronze is 0.25.- • The deduction for every fall for adult bronze through masters junior-senior is 0.5. Spins • All spins: Adult pre-bronze and adult bronze – max Level 1. Adult silver – max Level 2. Adult gold – max Level 3. Masters intermediate-novice .